Liu Zhibiao: Open Thinking, Avoid 'Involution' and Promote the Formation of a New Development Pattern As Soon as Possible
Release time: 2022-03-25   Author: Liu Zhibiao

In the first quarter, due to the impact of COVID-19 and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the national economic development needs stable expectations, stable growth and strong confidence. At present, with the goal of common prosperity, China has launched a labor-centered development stage to promote the formation of a new development pattern as soon as possible. In the process of turning to domestic circulation, we should maintain an open mind and adhere to opening-up and reform in expanding domestic demand. In the process of mutual promotion of domestic and international dual circulation, it is necessary to connect the domestic market with the international market to exchange energy and avoid "involution". We must adhere to the framework that the growth of labor productivity is greater than the growth of average income, and rationally arrange the scale and growth rate of income distribution.

This paper analyzes how to promote the formation of a new development pattern as soon as possible from four angles: Unify the domestic market and deeply connect with the international market; Strengthen independent innovation and independent intellectual property rights; Strengthen financial discipline and market discipline; Shape a new "capital pool" and strengthen the initiative of financial policy.