Liu Zhibiao: How To Speed Up the Construction of a Unified National Market
Release time: 2022-03-30   Author: Liu Zhibiao

The national level has repeatedly pointed out the importance of accelerating the construction of a unified national market. This article makes a specific analysis from the following perspectives:

1. The construction of a unified national market is an urgent need in the new development stage, including the needs of developing the socialist market economy, building a new development pattern, and transforming the super-large market advantage into an international competitive advantage.

2. The main goals of building a unified national market are efficient regulation, fair competition, and full opening.

3. The key tasks of building a unified national market focuses on three prominent issues: insufficient uniformity of systems and rules, poor flow of resources in the factor market, local protection and market segmentation.

4. Specific measures to build a unified national market: build the micro-foundation of a unified national market; establish a market structure that adapts to the operation of a modern market economy; shift from promoting the reform of commodity and service markets to promoting the market-oriented reform of important production factors such as land, capital, labor, technology, knowledge and data; take the implementation of regional national major strategies and regional coordinated development strategies as a propeller for the construction of a unified national market.