Hong Yinxing: On the Economic Dimension of Chinese Modernization
Release time: 2022-03-31   Author: Hong Yinxing

Abstract: This paper examines the proposal, goal, road, new journey and institutional basis of the thought of Chinese modernization from the economic dimension, and systematically summarizes the experience and prospects of the Chinese Communist Party leading the Chinese people to explore the new path of Chinese-style modernization. Chinese style modernization reflects China's national conditions and the development requirements of socialism with Chinese characteristics after entering the new era. The ultimate goal is to catch up with and surpass developed countries. The simultaneous promotion of new industrialization, IT application, urbanization, and agricultural modernization is a unique creation of China. It is not only necessary to accurately understand the new content of these "four modernizations" in the new era, but also to pay attention to rural and post-development areas in accordance with the requirements of common prosperity. The basic path for high-quality Chinese-style modernization is to transform the mode of economic development, the guiding principle is to fully implement the new development concept, and the goal is to build a modern economic system. Specific requirements: First, build a modern economic system; second, take innovation as the primary driving force for modernization; third, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern. Chinese-style modernization is premised on institutional modernization, and it is necessary to promote market modernization and government modernization.