Shen Xiaojie: Using the National Housing Industry To Make Real Estate Better Play Its Role in Stabilizing Growth
Release time: 2022-03-09   Author: Shen Xiaojie

Since the second half of last year, the capital chain of some leading real estate companies has repeatedly "exploded". This article argues that the old model of real estate has been a drag on economic growth. With the tightening of a series of financial policies such as the housing loan policy, the game of house buyers, especially real estate speculators, is unsustainable. The fundamental contradiction that urban residents' income is far from keeping up with high housing prices has become increasingly prominent. The real dilemma has made China's real estate market and housing supply, to the time when it must be "reborn". The Central Economic Work Conference proposed to "explore new development models" in real estate and housing supply.

Therefore, this paper suggests that we should vigorously promote the new model of diversified housing supply, establish a new system of high, medium and low (government-subsidized housing) housing supply and real estate market, and reduce the overall house prices in Chinese cities and towns. In particular, we should vigorously develop and promote the affordable national housing strategy to activate the normal housing consumption of about half of China's urban residents "refrigerated" by high house prices. Through a large number of data, it is confirmed that vigorously developing the national housing industry will bring unprecedented opportunities to China's economic development. In addition, this paper also analyzes the special significance of the national housing industry in stimulating economic growth.