Xu Ming|Ecological Civilization: Laying a Good Foundation for the Integration of the Ecological Environment in the Yangtze River Delta
Release time: 2021-06-02   Author: Xu Ming

Editor's note: On May 30, the Yangtze Industrial Economic Think Tank held a bi-monthly forum seminar, focusing on the theme of "How does the Yangtze River Delta serve the new development pattern with integration and high quality", and invited well-known domestic scholars on the Yangtze River Delta to share. The content of some of the guests’ speeches is now organized and published. This issue is the speech of Xu Ming, a distinguished researcher of the Yangtze Industrial Economic Think Tank, former standing committee member of Jiangsu provincial Party committee and former vice governor of Jiangsu Province, "Ecological Civilization: creating a good ecological environment background for the integration of the Yangtze River Delta". The 2021 Yangtze River Delta main leader's; Forum held in Wuxi is rich in content, and the construction of ecological civilization is the distinct theme of this meeting. 1. Put ecological civilization at the top of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. The high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta must earnestly implement Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization, closely follow the high-quality development of regional integration and high-level protection of the ecological environment. 2. Comprehensively improve the level of ecological civilization construction in the Yangtze River Delta. The focus should be on the following four aspects: promoting green and low-carbon development, strengthening environmental pollution control, deepening ecological environmental restoration, and improving environmental governance. 3. The concept of mutual protection and joint governance must be firmly established in the process of ecological environment construction in the Yangtze River Delta. The Yangtze River Delta Ecological Environmental Protection Cooperation Group and Office are responsible for coordinating and promoting the joint protection and joint governance of the regional ecological environment. 4. Deepen the construction of the ecological environment in the Yangtze River Delta. It is necessary to strengthen leadership over the construction of the ecological environment in the Yangtze River Delta; speed up the approval of major ecological governance projects in the region; strengthen scientific research on ecological environment construction; establish a multiple co-governance mechanism with party and government guidance, social participation, and public supervision.