Liu Zhibiao: Four Dimensions of the Integration of the Yangtze River Delta
Release time: 2021-06-10   Author: Liu Zhibiao

Editor's note: On May 30, the Yangtze Industrial Economic Think Tank held a bi-monthly forum seminar, focusing on the theme of "How does the Yangtze River Delta serve the new development pattern with integration and high quality", and invited well-known domestic scholars on the Yangtze River Delta to share. The content of some of the guests’ speeches is now organized and published. This issue is the speech of Professor Liu Zhibiao, " Four Dimensions of the Integration of the Yangtze River Delta". 1. Subject dimension. Including the integration of government entities, the integration of business entities and the integration of individual family entities. 2. Object dimension. Including the integration of hardware and software infrastructure structure; the most important thing is the integration of commodity markets and the integration of factor markets. 3. Time dimension. The Yangtze River Delta, especially Shanghai, should be transformed into a dual-circulation hub; in the future, local governments should jointly resolve the regional differences in the process of shifting from high-speed development to high-quality development. 4. Space dimension. It is necessary to realize the integration within the province first, spread the energy to the whole country and even the whole world in the process of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, and realize integration by building a global industrial chain cluster.