Liu Zhibiao and Ling Yonghui: On Reshaping the New Industrial Chain Under the New Development Pattern
Release time: 2021-06-02   Author: Liu Zhibiao and Ling Yonghui

Abstract: The formation of a new dual-circulation development pattern requires that the focus of supply-side structural reforms shift to reshaping the new industrial chain, including the improvement of industrial basic capabilities, the optimization of operating modes, the enhancement of industrial chain control, and the improvement of governance capabilities. This process can be understood from five perspectives: developing strategic industries, cultivating leading industries, industrial organization mechanism, industrial ecological environment protection, and industrial safety. Through the implementation of domestic demand-led strategies, new national innovation strategies, and high-level economic opening-up strategies, a new industrial chain will be constructed to support international cooperation and new competitive advantages. The internal logic is: through the combination of an effective market and an active government, the modernization of the industrial chain will be continuously promoted in a high-level opening-up. Under the new development pattern, to reshape the new industrial chain, we should focus on four aspects: the construction of "chain leader system" of industrial chain management, the construction of industrial chain cluster, the construction of disaster prevention and preparedness system, and the maintenance of the international public goods attribute of global industrial chain.