Hot Spot (1): Analysis of the “Win-win Chain for Global Growth”
Release time: 2016-09-04   Author:

The Business 20 Summit opened on the afternoon of September 3. At the conference, the Policy Proposal Report of the B20 Summit 2016, which has condensed the intelligence of all, was officially submitted to the G20 Summit. President Xi Jinping said during his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the B20 Summit that, “We should enhance interconnection of mutual benefit, promote construction and optimization of the global value chain, expand engagement of various parties, and build a win-win chain for global growth. Professor Liu Zhibiao, Dean of Yangtze IDEI, grasped the new concept “win-win chain for global growth” proposed at the summit the first time, and held discussions with Yangtze IDEI experts and scholars on the connotation of the “Win-win Chain for Global Growth” and how to build such a chain.