Research on the Capital Structure and Performance of Listed Companies
Release time: 2019-12-28   Author: Liu Zhibiao


Selecting a capital structure is one example of a critical strategic decision for a business. Capital structure plays a decisive part in contractual arrangements among capital owners, as well as between capital owners and other company stakeholders. There is a profound internal relationship within the capital structure (one side) and governance structure, corporate strategy, corporate growth, and value (the other side). The book dynamically and interactively analyzes the intrinsic economic correlation according to the analysis paradigm of capital structure—corporate behaviors—corporate performance. Using the listed companies in the Yangtze River Delta which is the most densely populated, economically developed and economically wealthiest Chinese region as an example, a detailed empirical analysis is made involving a variety of issues such as the Chinese capital market, corporate behaviors and performance in times of economic transformation. By doing so, it is attempting to uncover the corporate behavior characteristics and micro-economic performance of a transition economy based on enterprise practices in developed Chinese regions.