Path and Mechanism of Moving the Manufacturing Industry of Yangtze River Delta to the High End of the Industrial Chain
Release time: 2019-12-28   Author: Liu Zhibiao,Jiang Jing


The focal point of the upcoming round of economic development in China is the transformation and upgrading of industry. The Yangtze River Delta, as the most developed Chinese region, is taking the lead in the transformation and upgrading of industry. This means that it will continue to climb the global value chain and improve its role in the international distribution of labor. From this understanding, the book crafts a multi-dimensional and rigorous economic strategy analysis and also covers content, measures, policy mechanism, and other issues related to the Yangtze River Delta’s role in the global value chain. Furthermore, it proposed certain conclusions and suggestions for further consideration. Suggestions included a warning against a dependent economy and placing importance on a strategy of internal and external equilibrium, uncovering the transformation and upgrading law of labor-intensive industries, and utilizing thoroughly active and passive industrial policies and measures for the transformation and upgrading of industry; comprehensively designing the route and mechanism of industrial transformation and upgrading from a variety of conditions, for example, factor supply, demand structure, correlative industries, governmental policies and enterprise strategies; transforming and upgrading the Yangtze River Delta’s “massive economy” to modern industrial clusters.