Shen Kunrong
Email: shenkr@nju.edu.cn
Shen Kunrong is the chief expert in Chinese macroeconomic research at the Yangtze IDEI of Nanjing University. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics undertook his postdoctoral study in economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and is a senior research scholar in the Department of Economics at Stanford University. His primary fields of research include macroeconomics transitional economy economic growth financial economy capital market and corporate development strategy.

He currently holds the position of Dean at the Business School of Nanjing University, and is also a distinguished professor of the Cheung Kong Scholars at the Ministry of Education, doctor supervisor, member of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Economics Discipline of the Ministry of Education, adjunct professor of the China-US Cultural Research Center at Nanjing University – Johns Hopkins University, and executive deputy director of the China Society of Industrial Economics. He was in the first group selected by the ""NCET"" of the Ministry of Education, and is a well-known teacher of the ""Ten-Thousand Talents Program (national special support program for high-level personnel recruitment),"" national candidate in the ""New Century Talent Project,"" winner of national famous teacher award; winner of the highest award in Chinese economics - Sun Yefang Economic Science Award; winner of the special award for outstanding teachers in the Baosteel Education Foundation; winner of the “Zhang Peigang” development economics outstanding achievement award; and winner of the first “Liu Shibai Economics Award."" He is a member of the expert group of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and the expert group of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” of the Jiangsu Provincial Government; honorary chairman of Jiangsu Transportation Economics Association; advisory committee member of the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government; consultant to the Suzhou Municipal People’s Government. He receives special allowances issued by the State Council.

Research Direction:

1. National economy  2. Macroeconomy  3. Economic growth

4. Capital market  5. Corporate strategy

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Published papers(Some papers)