Kong lingchi Liu Zhibiao: Research Report on the High-quality Integrated Development Level of the Yangyze River Economic Belt (2018)
Release time: 2019-12-14   Author:

Regional   Economic integration is not only an irresistible trend of global development,   but also an endogenous demand of China’s development. From the global   economic developing trend, the world is becoming more and more   multi-polarized and the major economies are getting more connected and   exerting more influence on each other. The Establishment of a common future   community that is mutually open, inerdependent and mutually beneficial has   become a major trend of international and regional cooperation. In terms of   domestic macro conditions and national strategic requirements, there is an   urgent and intrinsic need to accelerate the improving of the regional   cooperation mechanism for resources integration, advantageous complementary,   responsibilities division, mutual growth and sharing and coordinated response   to development challenges, and foster new driving forces of growth and   competitive advantages to achieve coordinated, orderly and sustainable   development of regional economic transformation and upgrading.
    In November 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech   at the opening ceremony of the First China International Import Expo,   announcing that we will support the integrated development of the Yangtze   River Delta and upgrade it to a national strategy. In March 2019, Premier Li   Keqiang stated in the Report on the Work of the Government that we will   elevate the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta to the position   of national strategy and design, and an overall development plan will be   implemented. This means that a major historic opportunity has emerged for the   Yangtze River Delta to enter a new stage of higher-quality integrated   development. In view of this, it is of great practical value to scientifically   evaluate the progress of the integrated development of the Yangtze River   Delta, identify the main bottlenecks of higher-quality integrated development   and thus propose corresponding countermeasures and suggestions. Therefore, in   this report, we measured the past integrated development level of the Yangtze   River Delta, analyzed the progress, characteristics and existing issues   of  high-quality integrated development   in the Yangtze River Delta, and proposed relevant suggestions to further   promote its high-quality integrated development.